Vic Mensa Fights For Julius Jones On “Shelter”

Vic Mensa enlists Wyclef Jean and Chance The Rapper for his newest track, “Shelter” from his upcoming project I TAPE. Directed by Andre Muir, the visuals touch on themes such as Black Lives Matter, racial inequality, and violence.

Produced by Papi Beatz, Wyclef Jean, Smoko Ono, johan lenox, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Peter CottonTale. “Shelter” incorporates acoustic melodies with Wyclef’s emotional chords to complement the importance of the subjects of the songs.

The song pays homage to those unjustly incarcerated as well as serves fundraiser for Julius Jones, who is on death row for murder in Oklahoma despite sufficient evidence supporting his plea of innocence.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Mensa details his connection about the prison system and its injustice as he states:

“My journey fighting for incarcerated individuals’ freedom began in earnest when my friend James Warren got locked up a few years ago and eventually sentenced to 15 years. Although we were never particularly close when he was in the world, we were part of the same clique. For that reason, I felt called to help in any way I could — be it friendship, hiring legal counsel, helping to bring awareness, etc”.

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