Veggi and Rome Castille’s “TASTE” Is the Funky House Anthem You Need in Your Playlist

One month after his last release, fast-rising producer/DJ Veggi has dropped another hit. This time, he featured up-and-coming Hip-Hop/R&B recording artist, Rome Castille. The song “TASTE,” released a few days ago, is a funky house tune many have described as an absolute gem. “TASTE” has really opened my ears to the universe of international soulful, deep, and funky house. The song has a positive message, excellent beats, and sounds great,” reads one of the comments.

Like his other songs, Veggi’s “TASTE” is a feel-good classic funky house track. The song has warm and catchy basslines with a stylish pattern of funky rhythms, and Rome Castille’s contribution made it even better. Rome is known for his heartfelt and memorable lyrics that often convey hope, love, and healing. His style is similar to Veggi’s, which has enabled them to create a trending sound and perfectly deliver the intended message.

Veggi represents a new generation and wave of producers. His style is a bit different from what people are used to, enabling him to easily break into the industry, with many praising his sound. Veggi also caught the attention of social media feeds and industry bigwigs, and he is known on TikTok with over 1M followers and 23M+ likes. 

Veggi’s unique music content, catchy remixes, and beat flips have been viewed over 150 million times. His sounds have been used and shared by Gwen Stefani, Kevin Abstract, Adam Levine, Remi Wolf Amine, and other creators and musicians on social media. Veggi’s music has been featured on different playlists, including Chill Nation, SiriusXM, and many more.

Speaking more about the new song, Veggi and Rome said that “TASTE” wasn’t a planned song. But they are happy they got to meet and work together as it was a great opportunity for both. It helped them learn about funky house music and even grow their skills as artists.

 “During my first session with Rome Castille, we were just messing around with some beats I had cooked up, creating demos and whatnot. When I showed Rome the “TASTE” beat, the ideas just went flying. By the end of that session, we created the whole song, and with a few follow-up sessions to polish it up, we knew we had a banger on our hands. Rome is so talented, and it was so awesome getting to do this record with him,” says Veggi.

“TASTE” is the second single from Veggi’s forthcoming EP, Produce. The first song on the EP is “Bliss”, released a month ago. “Bliss” is a funky house track conveying a sense of euphoria thanks to the disco-drenched soundscape, which has seen the song attract massive attention from house music fans. The song has 7000+ views on YouTube.

“TASTE” and “Bliss” are available on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. As Veggi continues to grow, he says he has more projects coming up. He is currently working on Produce, which will feature great funky house music, and has teamed up with top artists in the US and beyond.

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