Veeta Venom Is On A “Mission” With Trendy Track

Washington, D.C. artist Veeta Venom hits her mark with her latest offering  “Mission”! As a result, she is on one to establish herself as a star. Showing hunger and versatility, “Mission” is a solid offering from her deep bag of dope music.

To us, this one feels a bit more personal as it’s telling people to stop sleeping on her and we love it. From the unique delivery to the excellent beat, “Mission” is a single for anybody to add to their daily rotation. Her sound is akin to a mix of Eve and Monica, very fitting of her image and style.

Veeta Venom

Veeta Venom is on a mission for people to listen to her music and thus needs more respect for her name. She is set to reveal a project later this year and has been on a recent run of freestyles on several platforms via different media outlets. 

From overcoming cancer to embracing motherhood, Veeta Venom is a star in the making through and through! It’s only a matter of time until she is discovered mainstream! In doing so, she is making the music to move the masses and make her mark. Don’t believe me? Press play on “Mission” here at KAZI Magazine!

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