Vannah Oshun Releases Debute Single “Towers”

“Towers”Cover Art

Vannah Oshun just dropped her new Neo-Soul single “Towers”. Vannah is a native New Yorker, with endearing vocals and a sultry rap voice that gives people the energy they never knew they were missing—the energy to leave a toxic and mentally draining relationship. “You was just a dub, but I showed you love,” Vannah sings on the closing verse of the track.

Although “Towers” is Vannah’s debut single, she already generated a buzz by performing at SOB‘S, DROM, The Vynl & Skyroom, which are some of the hottest venues in NYC. On “Towers”, Vannah reflects on past relationships and the feelings many of us feel when we look back on those past mistakes that ultimately prepare us for our future relationships.

There are few artists in the city making the type of music that Vannah creates. Neo-Soul, which is a style of music that emerged from soul and contemporary R&B, isn’t as pervasive in NYC as other urban music genres. Vannah brings that new refreshing sound to a city that dominates the underground “Boom Bap”, “NYC Drill” or the melodic flow sounds that many new artists fuse with their music.

Though “Towers” is our introduction to Vannah Oshun, it won’t be our last time hearing her name, as she looks to spearhead a new feel in the city. Check out the debut single below and stay tuned.

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