Vancouver’s own Awlyver Releases “Known Better”

At the height of cuffing season comes Awlyver’s break-up anthem “Known Better.” The Vancouver-based artist puts his heart on his sleeve while crooning over a broken love in his latest single. The track also features another rising songstress Rude Nala.

“Known Better” centers around a breakup. The listener is taken through the emotions of a couple reminiscing on the highs and the lows that eventually lead to the end of a relationship.

A unique concept presented in the track are the 2 different perspectives of the breakup explained by each of the singers. Awlyver’s inspiration for the song comes from true life experiences. He aims to reach those who may be going through heartbreak and regret.

“It pushes the narrative of trusting your gut and not always following your heart. That at the end of the day you have yourself and that you just gotta keep it moving towards your goals/dreams without love or heartbreak hindering that in any sort of way.”


Awlyver has recently been making waves in the music scene. He has landed recent collaborations with artists like DJ Suede The Remix God on his single “Semantics” featuring Idris Elba. Additionally, Awlyver has also worked with renowned afrobeat’s artist Wavy Boy Smith as well as London-based platinum producer Gibbo.

Excited to see what Awlyver has in store for the near future. In the meantime we’ll just be streaming “Known Better.” Check out the track below.

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