Vance Hardcore Rising The Ranks

If you know Vance Hardcore that’s only part of the equation. Vance is unlike any other artist coming up in our music industry. He has a hard work ethic and his craft is unmatched. He truly is a talented artist that will leave fans speechless with each new release. Now, that’s definitely something our music culture needs. Vance Hardcore has set himself on the perfect trajectory to make it happen in 2021.

Vance paved his way, and become a solo artist with his distinctive sound. His process of making music is slow and steady but he can easily move crowds overnight with just one release. He isn’t like most artists who seem to rush music just to get it out there, he struggles with being a perfectionist and having his fans truly experience the right sound.

It’s stunning to see Vance grow so quickly on the map and he is quickly setting the standard for his future releases. It’s clear to see once Covid-19 goes away, Vance will have endless performances and prove once and for all that he is a competitor to be watched.

Check out our awesome conversation below!

What got you into music? 

It happened naturally, it was always around in one form or another. My father was always playing old soul and funk records repeatedly, I’d recognize samples from hip hop songs I was into at the time and my appreciation for it all grew. When I was 16 he bought a Karaoke machine for the family to use. We never used it the way he intended but I found out I could record on it and it became a hobby for me. My friends were making songs at the time as well and in order to stay in touch with them I would record over instrumentals I’d find on limewire and upload it to MySpace. The challenge to be better than my friends was what drove me to stay consistent with it and better my skills. 

When did you know that this music career was for you?

It was at the first open mic I signed up for. I went by a different name at that time (Marz The Superior), I was called up but the promoter mocked my name. I was nervous as fuck but once my track dropped I started spitting and that nervousness turned into confidence. The reaction I received from the crowd, let me know I was legit enough to do this. 

Who is your idol and why do they inspire you? 

I idolize no one but I’ve been inspired by many. The inspiration I get now mainly comes from getting in the studio, doing and executing the work. 

Do you take some of their ideas/flow and incorporate them into your own music? If so what do you look for to incorporate? 

I’ll pay homage to an influence and point out in my own way that they were my source of inspiration. Other than that everything comes from life experiences and how I can visually paint a picture of that for my audience. 

If you could pick one song that really spoke to you, what would it be and why?

A lot of music has spoken to me at different times in my life, at pivotal times. If I could pick one it’s “Feeling it” by Jay-Z. The instrumental with the  Ahmad Jamal “pastures” flip Ski did make me pick up a mic. 

What motivates you to work on your craft?

Possibility, the endless creative possibilities to push the bar higher and forwards. Being newer to the game of course I can blend with my current contemporaries but I plan to do much more in the future. 

Thus far what is your biggest accomplishment music or otherwise?

I haven’t accomplished enough I feel to answer that one yet. Getting National network placements were definitely a sign for me but I have even bigger goals in mind. 

What has been the biggest hurdle/obstacle so far?

Finding the right people to work with it. There’s a lot of bad business going on so it’s a lot to sift through, very time-consuming. 

Since you do so much with music, what do you think is your strongest skill and why? I.e vocals, mixing, etc.

My strongest skill is writing/vocals. I’ve always found it easy to find a pocket in a beat and toy around with different flows, matching the vibe. There is definitely room for improvement though which I’m constantly pushing myself to get better every time I write. 

Do you worry that success would change you? Why so?

I have no worries at all. I don’t think I can change who I am at my core, success can’t change that. However, I feel more success only makes me that much more aware of what I’m capable of.

Describe your creative process:

I start big, and then hash out the details. 

What are some things that frustrate you about your music career?

Having the right resources would have to be the most frustrating. 

If you could join any artist or music group in collaboration who would you choose and who do you think will fit best with your flow?

I would want to work with RocNation, Cactus Jack, or XO. I think those collectives share some similar values to mine in terms of pushing the bar musically and doing so in the highest professional manner.

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