Upcoming Fashion Moguls to Keep an Eye on: Domi Reina

For over eight years, stylist Dominique Reina has been uniquely connected to the fashion industry. Her background gives her an international style and perspective on future trends that is unprecedented. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Domi about her passion, her journey and what represents her. Enjoy her story below.

Some people are born for a certain lifestyle, some people have to work to get there. Domi is one of the chosen ones. She was a stylist before she knew what a stylist was. Domi was born and raised in New York to hardworking Dominican immigrants. Her background in art derived from her father who was a designer. He worked with companies like Ralph Lauren making patterns and pleating, he also owned a car dealership. Domi’s brother also had a heavy influence on her picking this career path. Her mother was a stay at home mom who always made sure Domi and her brother basked in nothing but love. Domi’s parents established themselves in New York and provided their kids the ability to dream, follow their passion and have a slice of the said American dream.

Though she’s a stylist, Domi considers herself as an artist, as far as creating. She fell in love with colors, and creating a young age. “My first creation was in my home,” Domi says. She played dress up in her mother’s closet, putting different items together and creating looks. Coming out of highschool, people would ask Domi if she could be their stylist because of how she dressed. She was clearly made for this.

Following high school, Domi briefly attended FIT, and studied accessory and design before deciding to drop out. “I felt like I didn’t need it because I get it already.”  Before leaving FIT, Domi got the opportunity to work at NYFW through a school hosted event. She worked hard and did a great job and from there, she managed to land internships with big designers, brands, and fashion houses. While working with all these brand, Domi was nervous. “I made my way up and I was very nervous with all these opportunities, but I knew that I knew the work. Nevertheless, she continued to trust herself, put her heart in it, and push through.  “Once i got an opportunity, I put in the work and get in the game.”

Domi has worked with artists such as Dave East, Rico Nasty,  InnanetJames, and Siangie Twins, her work has also appeared in Lucy Magazine. Recently, she was the co-stylist for Paper Magazine’s cover story: Women in Hip-Hop. Domi’s hard work, passion and dedication is the formula to her current success as a full time stylist. For Domi, her journey has been organic, she didn’t have to force anything, yet she described it as a rollercoaster ride. With ups and downs and twists and turns, but fun nonetheless. “Every year I see my growth,” she says, “It’s always a struggle, but there’s beauty in the struggle.”

This year, amongst her many goals Domi wants to drop her collection, share her concepts with the world, and put NY on the map. Don’t forget about traveling, she plans on doing that too.  Moreover, Domi desires to grow as an artist, push boundaries and continue breaking barriers and fulfilling her purpose. Domi has plans on telling more of her story, her inspiration from her brother and father who were both artists so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

To know more about Domi’s art, check out her website: http://www.domi.nyc/

Follow her on socials. IG: Domi.nyc Twitter: NYC.Domi

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