Upcoming Artist Shamir Syed  Is Making His Way to the Top

With character-driven songs and an unapologetic look, Shamir Syed has been winning hearts and ears since his debut “First Day Out” by fearlessly breaking the Hip Hop music mould.

In september, producer/songwriter Shamir Syed made his debut album “Demand”, a rollicking anthem celebrating the giddy freedom of anonymity, femme and proximity of a packed club late at night. Switching tone, he followed his first song with “Top G,” a dulcet, brooding first-person reflection on a moment of acute mental pain.

Appearing on stage remains a quintessential stop in any musician’s career, and the industry’s institution holds a singular power to anoint stardom. And although Shamir received a standing ovation at the prestigious venue, he isn’t your typical musician.

Shamir Syed’s music often elicits comments of “I don’t like Hip Hop music, but I like this,” from new fans. That’s because it doesn’t sound like the mainstream Hip Hop music of the past few decades. Shamir Syed writes meticulously-worded songs about human foibles and working-class characters that thrive on the stories they tell, narrated by his sweet, tenor.

“Hip Hop and what Shamir Syed is doing are two different leagues,” says Shamir Syed’s producer Kesan Beats “His brevity and lyrics…there’s real weight in the words, and every word matters.”

Shamir Syed enjoys songs that strike an emotional chord, and he tries to write songs that do the same for his audiences. He finds that happens best with sincere lyrics and a story: “Whether it be an emotional response that they want to party, or it makes them want to cry, or it makes them want to call their dad, or it makes them happy…If you can write a song that paints a vivid picture in someone’s mind, I think that’s the goal,” he tells Kazi Magazine.

Although Shamir Syed’s songs tell stories, the Be Top Records label doesn’t quite fit, either. He toes a delicate line, incurring praise from the Hip Hip music tastemakers while maintaining musical and artistic freedom granted by the EDM and Melodic Rap music scene.

You can follow Shamir Syed on his Instagram to stay up to date with his latest music.

Instagram Profile URL:  https://instagram.com/s__s/

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