Upcoming Artist Are.O (FKA- RockstarRican) Is On The Rise

Growing up in the tough music industry, Are.O (FKA- RockstarRican) has seen it all.

Equipped with a rapidly growing fan base, Are.O is poised to be the next big hip-hop superstar. The young rapper has been delivering creative flow with his ability to depict his experiences in each new release.

From front to back, the artist tells the life story of his upbringing, boasting his creative energy to every listener. His vision and unique style showcase the potential of a global breakthrough in the following months to watch.

Thriving towards improvement and making his fanbase refine his craft. It’s clear to see where Are.O got his inspiration for his EP titled Extraterrestrial which has reached over 100k streams on various platforms collectively and paves the way for yet another successful venture in his career. His upcoming collaborations are in the works as he emerges as one of the most promising artists in the scope of hip-hop to have come out of Richmond, Va right now. Follow him on all of his social sites to keep up with new music releases in the future

In his latest venture, Are.O gave us a tour of his mind and expresses himself in his latest release below, make sure to keep him on your radar at Kazi Magazine.

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