Up Next On Your Radar : Ray Mula

Ray Mula Is Up Next For New York

Hip-hop artist Ray Mula, is someone that you absolutely should be taking seriously. In 2018, he released several music visuals and singles to help him gather an impressive following in New York. Aside from gathering his fans on his own, Ray is well respected in New York and has a ton of friends in the right places. He has released music with Don Q, Dave East, and VADO. If you’ve been to New York, then you’ve heard about them.

Ray has become one of Harlem’s current flagbearer for street rap. If you never heard of him, don’t let that fool you. Ray is known for his hard-hitting and brutal delivery on his tracks. Hate him or love him, Ray is still currently one of the most up and coming artists in New York, and he is building on his craft with each release.

With a sound and style all on his own, Ray is a threat to all up and coming hip-hop artists emerging from New York. With the city of Harlem on his shoulders, he will catch mass attention and make his mark in 2019. His wordplay is incredible and should be showcased, and the same goes for his versatile flow. Trust me, the world will know his name soon enough. Make sure you keep him on your radar and join us next week for another Up Next On Your Radar segment.

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