Unocoolbro Shares “Break The Mold”

Unocoolbro is not shy when it comes to making a stance. Every life is a journey, and in his latest release “Break The Mold“, Unocoolbro reflects on his experiences as he moves on from the life that shaped him. The epitome of ultra-cool and repping a luxury trap vibe that is brilliantly unique. Moreover, the artist now based in San Francisco merges the worlds of music, screenwriting, and spoken word. All in this brilliantly crafted video to paint the story of his life.

‘Break the Mold’ embraces his change and growth and is an idea that Unocoolbro firmly believes in. Exploring his history from the streets to where he is now, the video cements his reputation as a multi-dimensional artist that transforms the way you listen and feel about music.

Inspired by the work of legendary rappers Biggie Smalls, Outkast, UGK, Jay-Z, and Kid Cudi, Unocoolbro delivers a superbly scripted performance that showcases his own exceptional talents. “Break The Mold” is wonderfully complex, announcing a vivid array of textures as the song unfolds; all underpinned by a swagger that confirms he has lived the life.

Another tick in the box on the road to success, Unocoolbro, and “Break The Mold” is certainly doing that. Watch his journey unfold and rediscover the art of cool.

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