Una Nedejov is the Hottest Model in the Game Right Now… Here’s Why

Hip Hop is the biggest influencer in the world, period. The style, the language, attitude, its all soaked up by the genre’s music videos. Industry insiders and artists known that their videos are separated from the rest based on the eye candy, and that’s where the most requested model Una “Numera Una” Nedejov comes in.

Tyga, 2 Chainz, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, the laundry list goes on and on of superstars who’ve selected the 26-year-old glamour model. When she isn’t on set, she is still in front of the camera as eye candy for your favorite men’s outlet. In 2017, Una graced the cover of Mixed Magazine.

Best known for her appearance on Dr. Miami, Nedejov’s latest work is starring in the new Young Dolph music video, “By Mistake”. Aligned with Littman Talent, casted by popular casting director E.Mills, the Serbia-born model continues to be one of the most-followed plus size models and working talent in the industry.

How did she get the name “Numera Una”? Have you seen her goddess-like 34-25-42 frame? Perfect proportion aside, the superstar is consistently active on social media. Branding herself with fresh new content weekly that includes product placement or new photos. Fans are constantly provided with so much great content, they’ve become not just dependent on it, but addicted.

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See more of The Numera Una below.

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