Ugly Money Niche Is Moving Music Forward

Ugly Money Niche was raised in Central Virginia, in the 804 area, as an “army brat”. Frequently moving, he finally relocated to Augusta, GA where he got his first big break into the music industry. Quickly kicking off his music career, Ugly Money Niche began working with major artists such as the late Young Dolph. In doing so, he garnered notoriety and respect within the industry. As a result, Niche penned his first major management deal with 8Ball MJG’s Push management in 2014. This was more than just a record deal for Ugly Money; it was an honor, a morale boost, and an opportunity to learn about the music business from the best of the best.

A&R Ugly Money Niche

Ugly Money got into artist services shortly after retiring from rap after noticing “a lot of red tape between talented artists and record labels”. His primary motivation for entering this aspect of the music industry was to close the gap that had long existed between talented acts and opportunities in the music industry. He wished to provide talented musicians with the opportunity to compete for existing contracts. As a result, Ugly Money did not hesitate to accept the position of A&R when it was offered to him by FREEBANDZ. For him, the thrill went far beyond that of a brand new job; he was ecstatic because he was finally in a position to help talented musicians lock in legit deals.

Ugly Money Podcast

Still on his quest in the music industry, Ugly Money launched a podcast called, Ugly Money Podcast. The series was made up of rare interviews with today’s top artists and legendary producers about the winning formula in the music game. The Ugly Money podcast is also gaining popularity in a growing number of cities, and it has the largest YouTube platform in the South. Today, he has turned those endeavors into a 4,000-square-foot media complex located in Atlanta. Which houses Uglymoney Studios and Ugly Money Entertainment! However, the journey has not been without its difficulties, but he has triumphed over all of them. In doing so, he continues to stand strong.

According to Ugly Money, his greatest influence is life, from which he has learned a great deal. He is also inspired by his artists’ ambitions and work ethics, including China Monai, Streetbaby Zae, Dee Jizzle, and Moody. He states that they all help him become a better CEO. When asked about some of his greatest accomplishments, Ugly Money recalls meeting his first artist, China Monai. She had fewer than 1,000 followers and worked at Olive Garden in Albany, Georgia. It’s quite inspiring to see how far she’s come from 1000 followers to around 80k+ followers. All while residing in Atlanta and pushing a Mercedes Benz. Fast forward to now, and China Moody taps Streetbaby Zae for newly releases music.

What’s Next?

Staying booked and busy, Ugly Money is working on new endeavors. In fact, he’s currently curating his “Ugly Money Summer Tour,” a 35-city tour in search of talented musicians. So artists, this is your moment! Tap in with Ugly Money Niche for your chance in the industry! Reviving the music industry, one talented aspiring artist at a time – Ugly Money has another opportunity for trendy talent to showcase their skills in the fall. From September 16th to September 18th, Ugly Money Niche will be hosting his annual Ugly Money Music Summit in the ATL. Throughout the years, the summit has quickly grown to become one of the largest music conferences in the Southeast. For example, for last year’s event, over 5,000 industry influencers and trailblazers from over 20 different record labels attended. To date, the Summit Platform has assisted over six artists in receiving and penning successful contract deals.

Ugly Money Revives The Industry

Ugly Money values his family as well. He enjoys spending time with his children when he is not at work. Staying true to the hustle and passion, Ugly Money has taken care of himself, family and friends well and is positioning themselves properly. He anticipates continued and steady growth, as well as some collaborations. He’s remains as the driving force behind emerging artists becoming household names. Stay tuned here at KAZI MAGAZINE for more on Ugly Money Niche! For now, follow him to stay up to date! 

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