Typhanie & Co. Ask Haters “Why So Serious”

Ascending emcee Typhanie & Co. pays homage to one of her favorite comic book characters, The Joker, with single “Why So Serious.” The track starts off with a skit that has The Joker doing a monologue.

Proceeding him is a minute long methodical and bar detailed lyric filled assassination on a uptempo beat from Typhanie. A listen from the track gives listeners feelings of pure excitement!

To go along with the track, Typhanie did a theme shoot as The Joker’s love interest Harley Quinn that was well received. The reception has encouraged her to pursue more creative and vivid rollouts that show her personality.

A similar sound new fans of her can expect is a A$AP Ferg vibe with a dash of Nicki Minaj; while adding her own twist to it! She give music lovers a wide range of sounds and looks to look towards!

Why So Serious” works in conjunction with another single titled “Say Dat” which previews her upcoming project “Double Tap.” It will cover her full musical range while show her “luxury” lyrical rap style.

A little background on her is that she’s a graduate from Howard University and is naturally creative. Also, she is a military child and is from New Orleans.

To join her movement, you can stream “Why So Serious” on all digital streaming platforms.

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