Tyler Pepper-Green Taking Over The States

Since the start of 2021, Tyler Pepper-Green has been earning his stripes on the scene. He rolled out his own red carpet and released his music on his own independently. Tyler exudes a persistent aura of confidence that defines his music.

He has a distinctive voice which is always backed up with solid production. After his recent releases, we had to keep an eye out for him and offered him an exclusive interview with us. Now we can really go behind the process of his thinking when it comes to his music. As well as have a conversation about his influences and future goals for 2021.

One thing is for sure, if you’ve never listened to Tyler, you may want to reconsider. He is surely a notable artist coming up that has the same energy as many rising stars similar as Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, and even Chance the Rapper. The laidback star is ready to share his mindset and craft with you, make sure to read our exclusive interview below.

Tell us about yourself a little bit?
My name is Tyler Pepper-Green. I also go by  Cinco. I’m Chicago birthed and Atlanta raised so I put on for ChiLanta. I like to consider myself creative knowing that I can do anything related to film, audio, and photo. But as of now, I’m focusing on being a top tier soul recording artist

Give us some insight into your creative process, do you have any kind of typical workflow?
I like to go off the top. I usually don’t write anything unless it’s for another artist but being a soul artist I like everything to come from the heart. I like to say/sing about how I feel. That’s what makes my creative process a breeze.

Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?
What I feel and what I have been through influence my way of thinking. Also learning and being educated by people who reached the goals I want to achieve. You could never know it all so I’m ready to learn each day.

How do you stay creative under pressure?
Just relax. I was always told that a diamond is just a chunk of coal that did well under pressure so I’m that case I have to believe that I’ma diamond. Can’t fold under pressure that’s what builds character.

What gravitated you towards the rap game? 
I’ve always had a passion for music. I never was into hip hop until I was introduced to Atlanta’s underground music scene. Once I started seeing people I knew blowing up from it I was like let me give it a try. I tried and people I knew liked it and supported me but I never took it that seriously. It was just a hobby at first.

Do you remember the moment when you decided to go all-in and start rapping to make a name for yourself?
Most definitely. My cousin Braz moved back to the eastside when we were in high school and we just were always rapping. Tag teaming, bouncing off each other’s ideas, and I was like this is what I want to do for sure. 

Have you done any shows recently since things are opening back up?
Have not done any shows as of yet, but we’re doing virtual events this fall. Stay in tune with me for some real entertainment.

Run me through your career path up until now, how did you get here?
Well believe it or not I started off dancing in elementary school. Haha, I was a part of the “Crank That” era. So it was like everybody had a squad. I, my cousin, and the other homies was a part of our squad and we used to battle other squads at the skating rinks, clubs, and on community days. From middle school to high school I picked up the mic and I became better at my talents and skills. After high school, I started working on music that was friendly for all demographics of people. Learning how to sing and to vocally perform in a way where I can put on a show, and it’s only going to get better. I’m going to make sure I challenge myself with each project to do better. It’s all about growing and developing.

Is there something you’d like to let your fans know? 
I’m here to show y’all a great time. I’ll do anything in my power and creative ability to spread the love I have and to keep y’all happy. When you put on Tyler Pepper-Green it’s time to vibe.

What is next for you now?
Nothing but the best my brother, nothing but the best. Just keep in tune with me. I want to show you.

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