TWO32 Has Not A Care In The World In New Visual

Do you know how people say go with the flow? Live and let live. Don’t plan out every step. I can go on and on. Well, this video for “IDRC” by TWO32 embodies that very mantra. Shot by Chris Omar, they make it clear from the beginning that the plan for the video was simple – have no plan. Terrorize New York City and turn it into a dope visual.

Donning a black army vest and wielding a baseball bat, the New York native delivers his bars throughout the Lower East Side without any concern for who may be around and take issue. He is confident, flexing his muscles and keeping a smile throughout the four minute visual. TWO32’s eclectic personality aligns well with this strategic vision, and the cutscenes bring it out even more.

In the beginning, he lights up a joint. He then eats Chinese food and gets called out for it by someone claiming it’s wrong because they’re in Little Italy. Later on, he has an interesting conversation with a man describing how he judges women by their feet and shoes. The art here is appreciated because having no true cinematic narrative only helped to solidify the reality that TWO32 often really doesn’t care. A man of honesty and authenticity.

He’s riding a wave of momentum after releasing 25-song project Back Home in February and previous visual for “L.O.V.E“. Having performed all over NYC and dropped some covers on Instagram, the work never stops. This video was something fun we all can enjoy and identify with. It’s New York City, you’ve probably seen wilder things.

Check out the visual, premiered exclusively through Kazi Magazine above on YouTube. Stay tuned for future releases for TWO32, as well as more premieres on our YouTube channel. Thank you TWO for being the first to set this off.

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