TVGUCCI Is All “T 2 Da v” In New Track

Rising Canada artist TVGUCCI is on Drake’s radar!

TVGUCCI is a new name from Canada is keep an eye on in music. Being in multiple Drake videos and being on Jake Paul’s theme song for his boxing match really put the young rapper in the eyes of many people.

However, he is his own man so hence his latest release has TV proving this point.

Pressure breaks down the average person but not this guy. Instead, he is T 2 da V,” like his single name suggests. Gritty lyrics and a hype beat showcase the potential TVGUCCI has going mainstream very soon.

Think of his latest single as a sporting event. The beat sets the arena and Gucci’s lyrics decorate it with fan cheers. That’s the sense of the vibe the single gives listeners and TV will continue to release more.

With Canada producing more stars each and every day, TV is set to be the latest to blow! He’s game and “T 2 da V” with it!

TV has a lot of amazing music set to release very soon including a potential game changing single featuring Canadian Josh Clarke. In the meantime, get a hold of this young star’s creativity in latest single below!

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