Trvy Shares Vulnerable Side with “Purpose”

Many rappers boast about staying up late. Whether grinding out potential hits in the studio or indulging themselves in a party atmosphere, they latch onto the “seize the day” motto. They feel the need squeeze production and excitement out of every waking second. Few artists today will even recognize their fatigue, let alone spell it out lyrically. Athens, GA native Trvy is one of those artists. And he’s at his best when sharing his vulnerability with the listener. He’s got his own tales of “2 o’clock swerving.”

After his powerful Aura: Season I in 2019 and numerous early-2020 releases, Trvy delivers his first single of the quarantine in “Purpose”. Produced by BigSal and featuring Eli Lefty, “Purpose” is “for everybody who’s chasing something. It’s about the doubt we have for ourselves and the hope we have in our dreams,” said Trvy on Instagram. Although the track’s delicate production reminds me of some dreamy Tobi Lou songs, Trvy fills its pockets with realistic melodic reflection, making for a clear-headed product. He hands the baton to Lefty, who discusses a relationship and his own personal growth, hitting some high notes along the way, before passing it back to Trvy.

When I sense that an artist has poured a great deal of emotion into a song, I often imagine his or her creative process unfolding. Listening to “Purpose,” I envision Trvy finally returning to the comfort of his home after a long day. He honestly pens his thoughts while surrounded by loved ones. It’s a beautiful scene. Creatives tend to get caught in the depths of their own fears. But this Athens artist knows about the beauty in the struggle of storytelling. We’ve all got room to grow, and Trvy just provided a soundtrack for our blooming.

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