TruRebel Migs Returns With “Yuh Mi Ongle Luva, Dem Nuh See I”

TruRebel Migs released a new song called “Yuh Mi Ongle Luva, Dem Nuh See I”. The track marks Migs’ first release of 2021 and continues to prove that Migs is searching for new and interesting ways to express himself.

Sonically, “Yuh Mi Ongle Luva, Dem Nuh See I” is just as interesting as the title suggests. Migs begins the track with his melodic voice, singing the title in multiple different ways. After about a minute of beautiful harmonies, Migs puts his foot in the ground and delivers a bar for bar rap, diving deeper into the song’s main subject.

Migs expresses how hard love can be, especially when dealing with a partner who has had a rough go in the past. He expresses how hard it would be to lose the girl he loves, but yet he understands her feelings. The track once again showcases Migs’ versatility and has us excited for whatever is next.

Listen to “Yuh Mi Ongle Luva, Dem Nuh See I” below.

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