TruePandana Drops Artistic 3D Music Video

TruePandana is a young entrepreneur and upcoming music artist. TruePandana was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. TruePandana is invested in real estate and makes great music. TruePandana has her own sounds and her fans love it. Over the past year, Pandana has also been building her fanbase in Philadelphia. TruePandana recently released the music video to her song “3D” on youtube. The visual is well put together and features Pandana in creative body paint. The video is great and the song goes well with it and the beautiful color variations seen throughout the visual. The “3D” music video was well received by her quickly growing fanbase.
TruePandana – 3D Music Video

TruePandana is known for songs such as “Harlequin”. The music video for “Harlequin” has over one hundred and sixty thousand views on Youtube. TruePandana is vegan and cares about the food she chooses to eat. She has an entrepreneurial mindset, and is about her business. Although Pandana makes good music she also owns real estate and is very knowledgeable about her field. Pandana has had songs land on radio in the past. Things were not always how they are now for Pandana. She had to overcome many obstacles to become the amazing person she is today. Although Pandana is adored by her rapidly growing fanbase, she remains humble and does not forget where she came from. Pandana has plans to invest future profits from her music career and other endeavors into real estate and her ultimate goal of establishing more low income housing to help struggling families and people in need. Pandanas family had to overcome obstacles when she was younger and she didn’t let that stop her. TruePandana is very motivating because she is a true example of what happens when you don’t give up. Pandana is young, talented, and very consistent. She has a good heart and genuinely cares about her fans and people. The future’s looking bright for TruePandana.

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