TroyLLF Puts On For The Bay On “Free Play 4”

TroyLLF is a San Francisco-based independent rapper. Being an independent artist is about betting on yourself! Investing in yourself, whether it’s the studio time, the production, down to the artwork. It’s about being a visionary and bringing those that enjoy the art as much as you do together. 

For the year 2020, Troy had a goal of releasing 5 total projects which would include EP’s and Full-length projects. In January he released Poster Boy Troy 2, Followed by Muse Music in February, and Til Death Do Us Part 2 in April. In November he Released Muse Music 2, & ended the year with Free Play 4 by going direct to consumers.

At the end of the year, we see a bunch of artists posting their yearly analytics from Spotify, Apple Music, etc. with all the hundreds, thousands, millions of plays. Subscribers and countries their music has graced. With all that said, we all know that with music being so accessible these streaming platforms are paying artist fractions of pennies as opposed to when selling hard copies meant you got every dollar on the sale from a hand-to-hand transaction. 

TroyLLF Is Ready For Stardom

With this project Free Play 4, he took the direct-to-consumer approach. Free Play 4 is not only a full-length project but an experience, a capsule, and an exclamation point in 2020. In 2021, Free Play 4 Has been circulating in the streets. Moreover, on social media, where supporters can directly contact Troy through the Ryan Leslie created the app “Super Phone”. They can also use the app to purchase the album & merch. The most popular piece attached to the experience is the “Free Play Package” which comes with a digital download of the album, a hard copy, an album t-shirt, and other miscellaneous items inside a custom cereal box that features the album artwork. Look for Free Play 4 to hit digital streaming platforms in late March.

Check out “Die Young” from the project out below!

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