Troy Money Sits Down with ‘Off The Porch’

Troy Money is as real as they come. The story of his past is riddled with some of the toughest situations you can experience as a young man. He recently sat down with Dirty Glove Bastard’s Off The Porch series to explain how tough those experiences truly were. In reality, most people do not know how they will handle certain situations before they actually experience them. Therefore, when he was faced with the choice of telling on his father or spend 5 years in the feds, he had to do what made the most sense for him.

His latest single “History” & “Day 1,” which has over 2 million views on Worldstar Hip-Hop have been going crazy. With his chains dangling, he sat down and gave one of their dopest interviews as of late. As a father, entrepreneur, and recording artist, he is truly getting it done. His newest interview shows him being vulnerable but still real to his core. It’s only going to be but so many people who watch this and not become a fan of the upcoming street rapper.

Take a look at Troy Money during his in-depth fire ‘Off The Porch’ interview with DGB here below!

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