Troy Ave’s new video is a story of disloyalty and where it can take you

Betrayal hurts. NYC’s own Troy Ave recently released a new visual for “Love Me Like I Love You” which puts on full display how trusting the wrong people can get you into some serious trouble. The video opens with two friends linking up, one of which asks for a ride around the corner and his pal apprehensively agrees. It was a scheme the whole time.

The friend who needed a ride spots undercover cops following their trail, and hides a gun in the glove compartment in anticipation of the car being searched. The search commences, and he denies ownership of the automobile right as the gun is found. The gun hider walks free, but his boy, the driver, gets taken in.

The narrative in the video complements Troy’s lyrics very well, as he talks a lot about everything he’s accomplished and possesses. Evidently, even if you hold the people closest to you down in various ways, some of them will sell you out for their own gain. It’s a dirty game. Funny thing about karma is it often gets you back. The same friend who betrays his own gets caught up by the same cop from nine months prior, and finds himself being brought to jail too. Now he’s the one enduring unanswered calls.

This visual supports the track from Troy Ave’s recent release, White Christmas 6. He’s been full steam ahead with the music and we all hope for the best moving forward. Check out the video for “Love Me Like I Love You” below.

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