Trippie Redd’s New Mixtape ‘Hate Is Dead’

Trippie Redd has been through a rather productive period as of late.

Many people were so ready to dismiss this young artist Trippie Redd as another “mumble rapper.” But he definitely held his own and showed the world what he could accomplish.

Not only was he able to collaborate with world-class artists such as Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, and Polo G, but his “Neon Shark VS Pegasus” release became one of the most critically acclaimed releases on the scene in 2021. While some of Trippie Redd’s previous work is notable for its dark, brooding atmospheric sounds, “Hate Is Dead” immediately strikes for the fact that the artist embraced a different approach.

The title itself denotes a feeling of positivity, which is matched perfectly by the colorful and cartoon-like artwork color. The sound of the mixtape is as diverse. This is what you would expect from an artist as versatile as Trippie Redd. On one hand, you can expect some “traditional” contemporary trap vibes on songs such as “Fire In My Heart.” 

However, he is also quite ready to embrace a more melodic style on songs such as “Ready For Love.”Characterized by lush layers of auto-tuned vocal harmonies for a melodic and big wall of sound.

There are so many bangers on this mixtape. But one of the highlights happens to be the track “I Got Game.” One of Trippie Redd’s most original concepts for this mixtape. What stands out about “Hate Is Dead” is that the songs have a very spontaneous vibe. Almost as if the artist was really having fun and really following the moment when crafting these tracks.

The immediacy is paying off, as this is a really enjoyable melodic track mixtape. The kind that you can simply play loud and really enjoy it from the moment you hit the play button.

The release is now available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

written by laserlife

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