Tribal Trap are the Ones to Watch on the Trap Scene

After massive growth in the 2019/2020 period, Tribal Trap is on track to be the biggest label in the trap music business.

After only seven short years of operation, Tribal Trap has smashed all expectations to become one of the biggest record labels to have come out of The Netherlands in decades. Started as a single label back in 2014, this amalgamation of record labels has attracted an impressive list of artists to their roster. 

Tribal Trap has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, listeners, and followers across an expansive network of platforms. They aim to bring the trap to the masses and to do it through a collective of record labels that aren’t scared to hit those high notes. Success might have been put on hold for a few months in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped this emerging record label from taking a bite of the big time.

Achieving Success in the International Trap Music Scene

Even though Tribal Music Group was founded in The Netherlands, they have become a familiar name to trap music fans worldwide. Their international success has been spurred on by the big names they launched, such as 2Scratch, with more than 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, and Skan, with 900k listeners.

Their ability to launch successful artists has been backed up by a big number of releases under their belt. While only a few years old, their roster consists of hundreds of successful musicians

While marketing some of the most notable new names in trap music, Tribal Trap has amassed upwards of 800k YouTube subscribers. The company itself started in 2014 when founder Stan Wittenberg leveraged his own YouTube channel, WhiteKnife, to start the business. Tribal Trap was born in 2014, and Tribal Music Group arrived in 2019 when the label expanded and encompassed other brands.

Acquiring ‘Trap Music Movement’

Tribal Music Group set out to gather other brands to its collection of labels. With a strong focus and drive to keep expanding, Tribal Music Group started and acquired multiple brands to operate under its wings. 

Within the first two years, it has acquired Diverge Records, launched, Cruise Ctrl, F*ck Genres, and now, its most recent acquisition is Trap Music Movement. This Youtube channel has only recently set out, having been established in 2020. Nevertheless, the global love of trap music has seen them shoot to success, sporting 195k subscribers to their channel.

Trap Music Movement is going to add yet more listeners to Tribal Trap’s already massive audience. They are somewhere between corporate geniuses and trap music heroes, and they are still beginning their journey. So help them along the way and follow them on Instagram for more.

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