Trey Triple A and DNA Picasso Just Released A Drippy New Single

 Last weekend, Trey Triple A dropped his newest song, “Fix My Faucet ft DNA Picasso”, the first single from his upcoming project, Drip Sold Separately, available sometime this July. The song shows us a different side to Trey in that he doesn’t sing in his signature melodic style.

“I had no intention on releasing this song. Like at all,” he revealed. One day, while he cleaned his kitchen, the hook crept its way into Trey’s memory and wouldn’t let go. “I had just turned off the sink and it kept dripping, so the first thing that came to mind was ‘I need to fix my faucet, it’s drippin, I can’t stop it.’ I ran with it [and] recorded the song the same day I wrote it.”

Trey Triple A performed a part of the song when he opened for Blueface in Denver. After hearing the hook, his videographer, Nate “Nuckfate” Barnes, really wanted to collaborate on the project. Trey sent him the track. “He happened to be with DNA Picasso while listening. They both called me ecstatic about the song,” Trey said.

DNA Picasso didn’t want to miss an opportunity to create some magic. “Our videographer basically leaked the song to me,” he laughed. “I told Trey I wanted to get on it and he had an open verse, so the next day I hopped on it…I wasn’t even supposed to hear the song tho,” DNA added.

“I felt it was perfect,” Trey continued. “I was skeptical at first just because I didn’t like the song, but I figured, if they feel this way about it, it must be something special.”

Trey Triple A is a hip-hop/rap artist based in Denver, CO. As a former member of the hip hip duo, KenandRyu, he introduced the world to his unique artistic perspective.  He’s a style icon in the making and his music strikes it’s chord in a melodic position between hip-hop and Pop/R&B.

He entered the world with remarkable talent along with various health issues that greatly affect his everyday life. He calls himself a “miracle baby”. Despite the inevitable list of setbacks, he continues to press toward his goals. “I have had 20 surgeries in my 20 years of life. Doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live to see 14. On top of that, I was expected to be stillborn… so I definitely look at myself as my number one inspiration.”

On his debut release, 2018’s Table For One, Trey really fine tuned his versatility and reminded us of how desperately we needed something different. In the sea of monotonous nuRap cadence, Table For One was a reverberating foghorn. We followed the sounds to his most impressive body of work to date, Room 3a, which he released that same year.

His finesse bleeds through any song he releases and his sense of style is almost impossible to replicate. In 2018, he represented INFATUÉ Clothing as a brand ambassador. Working with LilFreshSam helped him visualize a plan to one day release his own line.

Trey Triple A’s unique voice carries unforgettable melodies through beats made for movement. His point of view positions him as a champion for artistic souls who don’t necessarily fit the cookie cutter.  “Drip’ is how everyone describes their own style,” he told The Hype Magazine earlier this year. “I just wanted to capture that within the music!”

Click below to listen and look out for Drip Sold Separately, due next month!


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