Trev Rich Found God in ‘Trap Gospel’

Last Thursday, Trev Rich released his newest album, Trap Gospel. Because of its extremely personal tone, the project doesn’t vaunt a supporting cast. “All the lyrics tie to real-life experiences. Each song represents a moment of time of something I went through or I’m still going through honestly,” he said. The story he tells with this project can’t be told through anyone else’s perspective.

Trap Gospel takes the focus off the allure of the game and zooms in on Trev’s growth through life in the music industry. He details the wins, the losses and all the lessons learned in-between. “Me taking 30 days in LA to chase the dream and get right spiritually sparked the entire project. That’s the closest I’ve ever been to God. Not church. Not religion. God. That’s where it came from,” Trev shared.

Over the course of his career, he affiliated himself with Joe Budden, Birdman, and this year, he participated in the coveted Revenge of the Dreamers recording sessions. Last December, he was featured on the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse Soundtrack alongside other industry majors. The soundtrack debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart and peaked at #2 during its run. The album currently sits at #12, making this week its 29th week on the charts. The film went on to win an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Despite his usually easygoing disposition, the path up until this point hasn’t been free of conflict.  “I had to really figure this out within myself and say I didn’t care how the people would take me making something different than normal and putting it out and just believing I was doing the right thing. I prayed on it and got right.”

Trev Rich

On Trap Gospel, Trev Rich gives himself a pep talk, reiterating the words of faith he needs to keep going. Themes of redemption and self-reflection frame the narrative of a religion-free encounter with God. It’s a revelation of the God within each of us and Trev uses that inspirational fuel to impart a sense of pious responsibility to self. “Get right spiritually and you won’t need every person you think you do. It’s just an open invitation to get right. Not an open invitation to a church or anything; this is between you and God, that’s it.”

Click above to watch his video for “Drown” and click below to listen to Trap Gospel, available to stream and download on all major platforms.

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