Tre. Charles Arrives With Classic ‘Currently.’ EP

Making noise out of North Carolina is multifaceted musician and producer, Tre. Charles who has recently released his highly anticipated EP. The Alt-Soul artist arrives with his new EP titled, Currently

In fact, two trendy tracks of which were previously released and arrived on the EP have gathered over 500,000 internet plays and counting since their release. On the back of his breakout debut singles “Stressin.” and “Lately.”, which have amassed over half a million plays online, Currently., which sees the alternative soul artist-producer being his most honest. He digs deeply and personally about strong themes such as his insecurities, mental health, masculinity, and society’s pressures.

Tre. Charles Is Currently. In The Prime Of His Artistry

Tre. Charles wrote, produced, and recorded the popular project in his Durham, North Carolina home studio. Tre. Charles wrote, produced, and recorded the four-track project in his Durham, North Carolina home studio. The four-track project is sonically driven by his unique alternative soul. As well as progressive R&B soundscapes, which are supported by ambient, experimental electronic, and lo-fi pop sensibilities. Growing up from city to city throughout America’s East Coast, he has built his own distinct style. As a result, his artistry crosses R&B, soul, indie, rock, and pop while paying homage to his nomadic life.

Tre. Charles lays it all out in his Currently. EP, addressing everything. From his personal struggles as a young black man in America, to how today’s social media landscape makes him feel overwhelmed, to the impact of meditation in his life when things are tough. In addition to how he is trying to break free from the limitations that society places on all of us. When speaking about the inspiration behind his Currently. EP, Tre. Charles goes on to say:

There’s strength in vulnerability, but a lot of times, we don’t give each other the room we need to be vulnerable or flawed, because it might not be seen as ‘cool’, and that amplifies the negative narratives, and reinforces old tropes that are not helpful to our growth. I think in order to move forward, we need to let go of control. This project is more of a journal of where I am right now in my healing process, and it highlights these nuances through a lens of vulnerability, with the aim of bringing honesty and insight to the forefront of the conversation, which will hopefully inspire and sustain growth”.

Thriving through the industry, he has already caught the attention of NPR, Indy Week, CBS, and Sofar Sounds prior to the release of this EP. I mean, take a look at the track-list — it’s enticing enough. 


1. Lately.

2. Memory.

3. Mantra.

4. Stressin.

Overall, Tre. Charles is an avant-garde singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who dives into the depths of his soul. In doing so, he invites us into his world with an expressive assortment of warm and soulful undertones, powerful and relatable lyricism, and an emotive vocal delivery. All of which helps us navigate our way through the all-encompassing Tre. Charles’ listening experience. For now, get familiar with this famed star here at KAZI Magazine! Press play on his latest offering and add it to your preferred DSP. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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