Tray Haggerty Drops Hilarious Freestyle after NELK Boys Prank

Not many artists have been able to capture both YouTube and hip hop culture as authentically as Tray Haggerty. The rapper was recently pranked by NELK and radio personality Bootleg Kev in their latest video titled “Fake Producer Prank on Rappers”

MTV Jesse is introduced by Bootleg Kev as Blizzy Beats the hottest producer in Canada which Tray falls for. He segues into a freestyle where Jesse then asks him to make it “tropical” by talking about “lions, tigers, bears”, and “koi fish”.

After viewers begged Tray Haggerty to release the full freestyle, he dropped a double feature video with both of the tracks seen in the prank. Check out the creative and so-called tropical freestyle below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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