Tray Haggerty Drops Double Feature with “Computer Love / Luh Ridah”

Dallas native and rising star Tray Haggerty is making a mark this year. After releasing the ever-so-catchy “Whistle” at the top of the year, the artist continues his upward trajectory with his EP and double video for “Computer Love / Luh Ridah”. 

In the video, Tray can be seen going full Steve Jobs in front of a number of mac computers. The visuals and lyrics serve as a double entendre with the computer love actually being his fondness for MAC-10 machine guns. About halfway into the video, Tray gets sucked into a computer to experience love in real life, being transported to a romantic set, called Heartbreak Hotel, where he gets in his R&B bag for the infectious “Luh Ridah” alongside Angel Hill.

It’s clear that Tray Haggerty has an exciting year ahead of him with a single and an EP under his belt. Make sure to check out “Computer Love / Luh Ridah” below and let us know what you think.

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