Travy Nostra Returns To a Nice “Vacation”

Travy Nostra of Maryland releases “Vacation” after being released from the slammer.

Travy is back, and I’m happy for him. After a year-long hiatus on his sound due to other reasons, “Vacation” should remind people of his talent. Dark and eerie rap embellished by crisp production can summarize his latest drop.

He recounts times of being betrayed and wants nothing but peace going forward in life. The “Vacation” he references in the song was his jail sentence. Talk about making your pain into good sounds. Nostra deserves a round of applause for seeing his troubles through. Now he is looking forward, and maybe he should take a trip out of the country.

To be honest, he probably needs more than a “vacation,” but this is an excellent start. Anybody who has been going through a struggler recently should be able to relate. His latest single also preludes more eventual tracks to drop. Maybe even a project? Who knows, but Travy Nostra is a hidden gem from the DMV to keep an eye on.

For fans of gritty and heartfelt music, then Travy Nostra is for you. His latest single is available on all streaming platforms. Just remember, like the message of the track, appreciate all your moments of freedom.

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