Travy Nostra – Case Closed

Travy Nostra is affected but not overwhelmed when it comes to the troubles of his past and the emotional losses he’s sustained. He’s not crippled but he is scarred forever impacted by the loss of his close friend King Penny who was slain last year in a shooting days shy of his 21st birthday.Trouble continued to follow him as he war locked up.on gun charges last fall with no bail at Clarksburg Correctional Facility serving four months until he was released in December.

On “Case Closed” he revisits the lines he wrote while claustrophobically confined to a jail cell with nothing to pull from but the world of words resting on his mind. Pacing through thoughts turning non sequitur like lines into cohesive stanzas and blurry thoughts into audio illustrations. He pulls inspiration from his wild outlaw life as he raps vivid lyrics like  “In the backseat extendos attached one Mario, one is Luigi/Rich nigga shit all I drink is Fiji robbin the plig to give back to.the needy.” Pulling inspiration from the wild outlaw life he lives.

Lethal lyrics come like Street Fighter combos quick and tight as Travy demolishes tracks with the raw aggression you could expect from an artist who spent his time living between Philadelphia and the DMV. This tightly constructed tape is a captivating as a Call Of Duty deathmatch it’s brash, bold and compelling bursting with wit and grit.

Listen to “Case Closed” below

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