Travy G Releases Latest Single “Coke Blowing Out My Nose”

[Artist, Influencer, Entrepreneur (Jam It Up Records, Jam Computer Systems &, Hamptons Socialite]


Travis Gast of Moriches, Long Island has made a name for himself over the past five years. He can be found at every social happening in the Hamptons, mingling with the who’s who of the entertainment world, and sometimes, you’ll even catch him on stage!! He has released a few songs over the years that have garnered some attention, and solidified his spot on the Hamptons circuit. Don’t get him wrong either…he’s a mogul!! He’s started a record label, a computer systems company, and a “fun business,”

Listen to his new single here!
“I see what’s possible not what’s here” 
-Travy G


[Travis Gast: ‘The Renaisocialite’]

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