Travius Keandric Unveils “Molly” Visuals

Travius Keandric returns with a new official video as his latest release titled “MOLLY“. You might automatically assume the record refers to the popular party substance — but this “MOLLY” is in reference to the female Mogul @soofficialmollyworld_.

Based in Atlanta, along with her crew of gorgeous models — MollyWorldCasting. The leading ladies [of course] make a cameo in David-L / Dash-TV directed clip. They’re also joined by lovely nurses from all over the United States. They were flown in by Travius, who wanted to highlight his work peers. The Southeastern-native is a registered RN himself.

Travius is more than just a rapper; he’s an artist, a storyteller, an aspiring physician, and a registered nurse. Growing up in one of the country’s smallest and poorest towns, Travius was inspired to learn everything he could in order to help his community. He attended the University of Alabama after graduating as Valedictorian of his high school class, the same institution that once barred African Americans from admission. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2017. His lyrical flows reveal that he is well-versed in health, the black community, generational wealth, and mental well-being.

Other cameos include Alder Davidson, who interviews Travius in the beginning of the visual. As well as DJ ‘Hoover the Finesse Groover’ behind the boards of the party.

“My production team WyldKard Lyfestyle with TSA Network really helped cast and tell the story creatively. There was so much love shown from the filming location, ‘Club Tiger Tiger’ .. and the club owner Smurf alongside manager/promoter Polo! They made sure we were accommodated to have a successful video shoot. The legendary ‘Hoover the Finesse Groover’ who broke Mr. Bigg’s and been running Perry Country and surrounding areas, rocking parties for 40 plus years.. was the real DJ in the video as well!“

“This visual was created off genuine love to help create the fun you see. This is the magic of Molly which is something that you couldn’t pay for even if you wanted to!“  — Travius

Check out “MOLLY” here at KAZI Magazine! Also, be sure to stream the official audio across all available DSPs. Lastly, let us know what you think!



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