Touchdown Juice Goes “Full-Court Press”

Latest single has Touchdown Juice Going into overtime!

Touchdown Juice writes all his music and tells us, “I can play the beat over and over, and it doesn’t bother me at all, I just enjoy the music and creating. Helps me express myself.” His rap/hip hop sound comes from different cultures because he lived in the Midwest, South, and West Coast.

What inspires him to write is “women, weed and the weather.” He thinks women are very supportive and will be the ones to buy tickets to shows; therefore, he feels he should make music relatable for women. “Got to have a positive female influence to be successful in music;” according to Juice.

His top three artists are Money Man, Ice “Billion” Berg, and Pooh Sheisty. Each artist carries something unique that teaches Touchdown Juice a lot about music. “Pooh Sheisty because bruh, the man right now, stayed in his lane and is a dope storyteller.”

He can sing and dance which leads him to releasing upcoming Tik Tok dances for his music.

Juice says that “he’s most known for jumping on a beat and just starting the song with a smooth 16 bars before the hook. I prefer to write a verse than a hook, but I’m getting better at both, and it’s becoming more natural for me.”

Touchdown also invested in the cannabis industry and used to roll up for his creative friends. After his music career, he’d like to invest in real estate and the cannabis industry. He believes that this will be a balance for his life where he can continue his music career.

Currently, he will be releasing his first mixtape, “The LANDing,” on April 20th. “I have all the songs done, just getting the last three songs mixed and mastered. I also have been creating new music for another mixtape I plan to release 6-8 months after “The LANDing.”

Juice has been working hard and has 100 songs ready. We will soon see more music videos to Touchdown Juice’s music. In the meantime, you can check out “Full Court Press” on all streaming platforms.

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