Toronto Singer LIYAH Takes it to the rink in new visual for “Slide”

“I want you to slide”

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, music videos were about the ability to transcend the story of records into a visual. Many of us can attest to the anticipation of watching our favorite artists drop music videos on BET’s 106 & Park. The feeling we felt learning choreography from videos is exactly what Liyah is using to bring nostalgia back into music. Now, she releases the official music video for “Slide.”

Liyah is an artist bringing back the creativity of R&B, that makes people feel the love they felt the 90s listening to music. Her charismatic and infectious personality in the music video is a direct reflection of artists of past generations such as Aaliyah, Mya, and Ashanti to name a few. Although reminiscent of past generations, Liyah is holding her own and making it known that she is leading the way. The confidence she exudes from beginning to end will make any viewer smile from ear to ear. Not one dull moment, Liyah’s comfortability in her own skin is infectious, allowing younger generations to gravitate towards her.

Liyah Wants You To Slide

R&B is the gift that keeps on giving! The flexibility of this genre paves the way for artists like Liyah to use the history of R&B to create a newer version, especially in music videos. Artistry is much more than accolades, it’s about gaining confidence to authentically be the person you always knew you were. 

“This music video really puts a spotlight on the type of progression I’ve made since my first video, “Always There.” In this particular visual, I’m really embracing my position as an artist. I feel that it’s the single that lets everyone know, “I’m here to stay!”

Liyah on what the “Slide” music video means to her

Be sure to check out Liyah’s “Slide” music video on Youtube and listen to single on all streaming platforms. Connect with Liyah on social media for all updates. 

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