TOP-TIER Takes Pride In Being A Multi-Hyphenate

TOP-TIER is an independent artist to watch from Los Angeles’s music scene. The LA native started his music career at age 14- when he would experiment with sounds using GarageBand. He recently went viral on TikTok with his brother on the single “Sway,”  gaining an upward of 1.5 million videos made on the platform and 43.2 million views.

When he’s not in the studio recording, TOP-TIER takes pride in his ability to write, produce and engineer his own music after years of honing in his craft. While he supports collaboration and working with a team he says, “learning these 3 skills has been the best thing I’ve ever decided to do! I encourage all artists to do the same thing! Not only has it helped me get into rooms but it has specifically allowed me to not have to wait on NO ONE.. Changed my life!”

TOP-TIER Is Here To Get To The Bag

When asked about his upbringing playing a role in defining his sound today, TOP-TIER answered that it definitely has.

“Growing up in not only LA but also Atlanta has a lot to do with my sound. Not only that, my parents are Caribbean so that was playing around the house all the time. Listening to people like DJ Quik, Dr. DRE, Mustard, etc stamped that LA sound on me. Bob Marley, Beanie Man, etc stamped that Caribbean sound on me and when I moved to Atlanta I would listen to Gucci, T.I, Future and literally all the ATL producers and that showed me a whole different side of music that I never knew. I’d study all of them and I would like to think I am now the perfect hybrid between all three.”

TOP-TIER is currently promoting his latest solo project which was released recently and is now available for streaming on all platforms. Check out his YouTube here:

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