Top Ten Harlem Rappers Making Noise

Top Ten Harlem Rappers Making Noise

Harlem is best known to be one of the most critical boroughs during the golden era of hip-hop culture. Fast forward to today, we took the time to unveil our picks for the ten best up and coming emerging rappers from the city. Harlem has always been known for its cultural diversity and having its finger to New York’s pulse of hip-hop. The rappers we have chosen, some you may already know of and some not so much. The three elements they all share is their distinctive flows, style, and grind ethic. 

What makes these rappers so great? There are three factors we have taken into consideration. First, we focused on the background of the rapper and how long he or she has been releasing good quality music. Secondly, we factored in each rapper’s internet presence and their influence in the city. Lastly, we considered the rapper’s music from their distinctive flow, style, and lyricism.

Here are ten rappers that are poised to rise to the top of the Harlem ranks. Let’s get started with the number one pick from our list!

Neek Bucks

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It is easy to see why Neek Bucks is first place in our top ten Harlem area rappers making noise. The Harlem native Neek Bucks blew up after the release of his mixtape Here For A Reason; not to mention his several viral music visuals. Neek started focusing on his career at an early age and has been getting noticed throughout New York ever since. He has already been co-signed by YFN Lucci, Jim Jones, and many other popular music figures. The ambition and work ethic that Neek has is unlike any other rapper we have seen from Harlem. 

Folks from New York know that Neek Bucks is more than just a drill rapper. He brings an ambition unlike any other. The music he releases has meaning behind it and it is matched up with aggression within his razor-sharp bars. Most projects similar to Here For A Reason have been inspired from the incident when Neek survived a gunshot wound to the head in 2011. This event gave inspiration and a ton of ambition to Neek, making him understand his blessing and gift in life. That gift is now expressed within his music and is used to inspire others. 

The ambition and work ethic that Neek expresses in his music is what we look forward to seeing others have. Unlike most rappers, Neek showcases his lyricism in each new release and is releasing music to shed light on issues facing our communities. This is why Neek Bucks is ranked number one for our top ten. And, we look forward to him improving on his craft in the future. 

TJ Porter 

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Number two is the much-talked-about hooper turned rapper, TJ Porter. He has made nothing but noise with his back-to-back hits. He has easily become one of the best lyricism talent coming out of Harlem with his vibrant energy. He is best notable for acquiring a monumental buzz from his previous music visual releases and most recent project No Disturbance

TJ is in his own lane separating himself from that drill movement wave. He comes into the game with his own style and flow. He has made it obvious that his vision is clear and he is ready to take on anyone who steps in his way from becoming one of the greats. TJ’s view on hip-hop is shared among new up and coming rappers like KJ Balla, Jay Gwuapo, and many more. These variety of flows and styles that are released by TJ are collectively helping him grow his audience as well as keeping his loyal fan-base. 

TJ has a blend of flows while sticking true to his catchy, but hard-hitting bars. He has already appeared on many major projects and shows no sign of slowing down this year. His unique sound and ambition are one to recognize rather than just put aside. He is not just another New York rapper. He holds a unique sound and can make his rhymes stay on point. His lyrics reveal accounts of experiences that have shaped him into the talented rapper he is now. We made him second place for more than just his impressive flow, but because he never backs away from growing his fan-base while staying true to Harlem. Make sure to tune into more releases from the talented Harlem rapper.

Nino Man

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Coming in number three is Nino Man, who has released several successful mixtapes within the past couple of years, and has shed light to important issues with his music visuals. His FunkFlex Freestyle made the tristate go crazy and he absolutely bodies the instrumental. Nino fills his raps with his gritty flow and story-telling from his upbringing. In his past year, Nino Man has built a massive following and has given fans something to feast on with his newest visuals like Friends and Different

Observant fans of Nino Man can easily notice that the ambition Nino has is unlike any other. He is known for his lyricism and hard-hitting bars. While in competition with many other up and coming rappers, he stays true to helping new artists build their name. Nino has worked with many artists that have had an impact in New York like Jadakiss, Styles P, Dave East, among others. It is clear, Nino Man is a threat and a rising lyricist to watch. 

Jay Prezi

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If you pay attention to the radio stations in New York, you’ve probably been hearing our number four nominated rapper, Jay Prezi. He has been buzzing all over New York ever since his single dropped, New York Sh*t, featuring his close friends, Harlem Beanz, and G Mims. Prezi has been featured on every major radio station in New York for interviews and has been on repeat on every playlist. DJ’s running the tristate like Funk Flex and several XM radio DJ’s have been showing a ton of love to the star. Prezi is not a rookie rapper. He has proven several times that he is here to stay. He utilizes his music background in all his work and stays true to his roots by giving back to his community. 

With a serious flow and undeniable style, Prezi is one rapper to look out for when it comes to up and coming Harlem rappers. He embraces his music background and his skill while working on improving himself with each new project release. Prezi is living proof that being who you are without using any gimmicks can still open a door to success. He inspires many people who are going through rough times to keep moving forward. 

Jay Prezi fans will have much to look forward to in the future, including a new album and possibly more visuals that will be focused around his experiences in Harlem. We look forward to watching Prezi crush his competition and make a name for himself this year. There’s nothing he can’t accomplish with his drive and hard work ethic. 

Crystal Caines

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Coming in number five is Crystal Caines who has been working hard over the past years. That hard work has paid off, and she has been witnessed several times growing and developing her sound. Without no doubt, she has earned a spot on our top ten. Crystal shows time after time that she is ready to make her mark on the tristate and move forward to new levels. Capitalizing on the buzz from her latest killing release She Don’t, Crystal is a true threat. How can you really compete with someone that has created her own wave and can handle any challenge faced?

The main reason why we have chosen Crystal as our number five rapper coming out of Harlem is that she has a ton of talent. She can easily drop hard-hitting bars with clever word-play on each release. She is also able to quickly gather attention on her music and deliver good quality music to her fans.

Short and simple explanation, Crystal continues to impress us with her fast and furious attitude towards the music game. She is a threat and has a pack full of aggression to push forward. We look forward to seeing her build off her current momentum and reach new levels.

Ray Mula


When it comes to Harlem, one name that stands out is Ray Mula. He has been one of the key players in the movement growing in Harlem, pushing Hip-Hop forward. If you are from Harlem and you’ve never seen him, you’ve definitely heard of him before. Ray is someone who has friends and family in the right places in the industry. He stays true to growing his fan-base from his muscle alone. He has been featured on many songs with up-coming artists like Dave East, VADO, and many others. Ray’s most recent drop for Break Down has been causing serious noise in Harlem. And, it has been working its way up the ladder by reaching several radio stations all over the tristate area. 

Ray Mula may be one of the members of Harlem’s rap scene to conquer the charts. The energy he brings to his music is different from most rappers. He stays true to himself by being himself in his music and not lying about experiences he has been through. If you know Ray, you can tell he isn’t about to play any games. He has a good sense of humor and is straight to the point when it comes to business.

From the East to the West, everyone will soon hear about Ray Mula. This is exactly why we choose him as our number six rapper making noise in Harlem. We look forward to seeing him grow his audience and reach new limits this year, so that one day everyone will know the name, Ray Mula. 

Vino World

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We are now onto our seventh rapper, Vino World, who is not just any ordinary rapper. He has released several successful projects in 2018 and came back with another one this year titled Vinotine’s Day (EP). Vino has worked with many other artists including Dave East, Neek Bucks, etc. He holds true influence in Harlem and has been building his grip on New York with each successive release.

Life for Vino hasn’t ever been the same ever since he has been making music. He has reached the media’s spotlight. He is one of the biggest artists to come out of Harlem and his music is no joke. His flow will blow you away and luckily for fans, Vino doesn’t show any sign of fatigue for this year. He is buckling down to have a great year with several projects in the stash for this year. 

Hass Irv


Coming in eighth on the list is Hass Irv. He has been making noise ever since. Hass has landed himself in the spotlight of many DJ’s to help gain buzz and has been catching a lot of online publication support to provide success for future projects. 

When it comes to putting in time and investments into your craft, Hass is someone to consider. He has put his whole lifestyle behind his music. He is gearing up to have a great 2019, and we look forward to seeing some amazing features on his future projects dropping soon. We can’t wait to see what he has cooked up in the stash for 2019.

Harlem Beanz


Next is number nine on the list, Harlem Beanz. He has been making noise all over Harlem for a long time with his recent offering, New York Sh*t featuring Jay Prezi. The up and coming star has had an impact on New York and has been featured several times throughout playlists from all around the Tristate. Take my advice, and tune into his music if you are looking for that New York gritty sound and vicious bars.

Fergie Baby


Last is number ten, Harlem’s finest Fergie Baby. He has been buzzing for a while with his latest visual Street Code. He’s looking to capitalize on his heat by dropping more visuals and maybe a full album this year. We don’t want his hard work to get overlooked because he is surely a threat. The underdog is ready to accomplish his dream and prove all his competition wrong.

Short and straight to the point, Fergie is up next to blow up and is showing nothing but love towards his other Harlem rappers that rap alongside him. We hope to see him accomplish his goals, his will and heart are unlike any other.

Did we miss anybody this time around?

As we are getting ready for the next top ten segment, help us find the next top ten. Leave your comments down below.

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