Toosii Has Mastered Expressing His Emotions

Toosii is carefully cultivating one of the most solid fanbases in Hip-Hop. All of his performances are further proof that his supporters are fully engaged. The NY to NC transplant uses beautiful production to croon his poetic pain on all of his tracks. Although most of his lyrics are full of passion, he knows how to make hits. Tracks like “Love Cycle” featuring Summer Walker & now “5’5” with Latto both are fan-favorites on Tik Tok and beyond. After co-signs from fellow North Carolina bred MC DaBaby, and many more, it’s clear that his music resonates with just about everyone. After being named 1 of the member in the XXL’S 2021 FRESHMAN CLASS, he took to Rolling Loud Miami.

Here at KAZI Magazine, we pride ourselves on being early adopters of music that we feel will become huge in due time. Therefore, Toosii has already graced one of our digital covers because we saw the promise. All of his success today makes us happy and we were excited to catch up with him again. Fresh off the stage in front of 60K+ screaming fans at RL Miami 2021, The Big Steppa joined us. Our conversation was about his past success, first headlining tour, and much more. His team watched in excitement as they have watched him completely transition into the star they always knew he would be. Capitol Records/South Coast Music Group both deserve a round of applause for Toosii’s swift ascension, especially during a pandemic.

Check out our smooth new interview with the ‘Thank You For Believing’ recording artist!

My man, what’s up bro! Fresh off the stage at one of the first big festivals since the pandemic, how was it?

Toosii: It was a blessing man, I was excited to see it and be here.

I mean sheesh, it was what, 50-60K people out here today? When you do songs like “Love Cycle” you can see everyone singing it word for word. Talk about how that feels?

Toosii: It’s amazing bro, I just really be thinking to myself like damn I really made it. I love my fans foreal.

Toosii @ Rolling Loud Miami 2021/ @Linkonic

So we know you were born in NY but you lived in North Carolina most of your life. Explain how it is putting on for an area that is typically underserved in regard to the music industry.

Toosii: It feels good at the end of the day. It’s like giving light to something that already deserved it.

On your new album Thank You For Believing and even before, your music has always been full of passion. Would you consider yourself more of a heartbreaker or heartbroken?

Toosii: I would say more heartbroken man, I put everyone first in my life. Best believe I am capable of breaking hearts too though.

Your latest project shows that you are going into full-blown superstar mode. Is it your plan to become a global superstar?

Toosii: I am most definitely looking forward to taking over.

Your team at South Coast Music Group and Capitol Records is obviously killing it. What is it about them that has helped you progress moving forward?

Toosii: I would say the work ethic to be honest. Like my immediate team, they all work extremely hard every day because we all believe in this dream. When everyone knows what it is going to be it is easier to work towards it.

“Love Cycle” with Summer Walker is one of those timeless smashes. Did you know that would be one of those ones?

Toosii: Oh most definitely. When I recorded that one I knew it would be a hit. Man, I can even tell you what’s going to be my next hit. That “5’5” with Latto is going to be huge. The visual is a real movie and I know everyone is going to love it.

What does Toosii have planned for the rest of 2021?

Toosii: Just staying consistent. I look forward to shocking the world and really becoming one of the biggest stars in this game. Also, my first headline tour is going to be crazy. I look forward to seeing all of my fans in each city!

Follow Toosii on Instagram and be sure to peep his latest album Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation) here below!

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