Tone Stith, R&B’s Modern Song Maven

Tone Stith deserves more appreciate and recognition

Tone Stith from New Jersey has always been seen as an “upcoming” artist in R&B. From smooth, sultry vocals to effortless instrumentation; Tone is a talented artist. So gifted that it’s time to remove the “upcoming” and recognize he is here.

With the recent release of his anticipated ‘FWM’ project, we had a one-on-one with the singing star. To put it simply, Stith is more than just ballads and classically sung tunes; he’s diverse. Add in features from fellow heavy hitters H.E.R., Kiana Lede, and Lonr., it’s a beautiful display of modern song crafting.

One of the critical points for Tone on ‘FWM’ was to put his versatility on full display.

Yeah, it’s dope that people recognize me for my vocal and instrumental talents, but I’m so much more. My music, to me, embodies thoughts of not only myself but my generation in terms of love and lust.

Stith on showing diversity on ‘FWM.’

Your everyday person who happens to love crafting music

While it’s easy to compare Tone to legends such as Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Luther Vandross, please remember that Stith is still young. Like he’s still living and growing in his mid-twenties. He wants people to know that musicians, especially singers, aren’t always super “artsy.”
His sound might be nostalgic of sorts; the man Tone himself is a down-to-earth guy. We both enjoy basketball a la our love for Hall of Fame point guard Allen Iverson. Tone likes to hit the rec center, work out, hang with his bros, and engage in typical activities of somebody in their 20s. While he loves making music, you can’t always box in a musician as just music or ambient.

At heart, I’m just a regular guy who just happens to be a professional musician and entertainer. Some of my biggest inspirations come from living life and enjoying the moment. The best songs are relatable to people of all demographics, so I crafted this project around that.

Stith on how living an everyday life inspires his music and ‘FWM.’

Such honesty and transparency from Stith genuinely shown on ‘FWM.’ A couple of my personal favorites are “When You Love Someone” Ft. H.E.R. (kudos for a dope Donell Jones influence), “Keep It Real” F.T. Lonr., and “Worth It.” Regardless of preference, there is not one bad song on ‘F.W.M.’

It’s safe to say that Tone did not only show different shades to his artistry, but he amazed my ears while doing so. A good description for this discography of work would be a wine glass filled with one million dollar Tequila.

Tone is so gifted at making music that the songs can be listened to in multiple settings with deep and layered content. Typically more complexly written R&B is meant for a relaxed environment, but Stith constructed ‘F.W.M.’ with her ability to play it in the club, in your car, etc…

He’s here, respect it

Tone Stith’s dynamic musical talents and humble soul make him an artist to keep your eyes on for the rest of 2021. Finally, again, stop calling Mr. Stith an upcoming artist and recognize that he has arrived.

 Photo credits: Que Duong.

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