Tomi Thomas, The Wunderkind From Nigeria!

Tomi Thomas is the new era voice from the motherland to lookout for!

Tomi is like a magician with the mic in his hands. He is influenced by Sade, Maroon 5, Bob Marley, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar, Thomas crafts music from the soul. His latest release, “Again,” is a beautiful ensemble and preview of his potential to be an international superstar.

Most would love this type of attention. However, Tomi Thomas loves making music to make music and changes lives. Deep, intelligent, and thorough, Thomas is the definition of your artist’s favorite artist. He is a gem from the motherland and should be on your radar in 2021.
If I had to peg our conversation with one word, it would be “vibrations.” Everything he does has to have the proper equilibrium. Otherwise, it will not work. No amount of money or fame will suffice his happiness; only making music that touches different audiences forever will. He’s a pure innovator, and I love it.

“Music is my life; I want to be the first artist to do many things, he said. “One thing is to be the first artist to perform outer space. First on the first frontier sounds amazing. All the legends are tapped into being innovative with the music they drop. Trends aren’t for me, only legacies. If I’m not feeling my current music, I’ll duck off for a while until it’s perfect
Quite refreshing to hear such a bright perspective on the current landscape of music. In a world where artists chase Tik-Tok classics, Tomi goes after beautifully written music. A true wordsmith, and it’s terrific.

Nigeria’s original songbird

Writing for many artists including H.E.R., Tomi is no stranger to crafting vivid love hymnals. Matter in fact, in an era of “toxicity,” he phantoms the idea of pure love.

“Love is an essential part of our emotions and should always be written about in music with care. Like in my latest single ‘Again,’ the topic of love should be spoken about in the purest of forms. One thing that helps that is invoking the most wholesome of ideals when doing it. Love is beautiful and throughout most generations, the biggest hits came from love stories on audio. A good example of an artist to look at would be the queen Sade”

Tomi Thomas on love and writing about it.

Divinity and higher calling define this Nigerian soul-star. A few names to compare Tomi to might be Bob Marley and Kendrick Lamar. At first, just hearing Thomas you might ask, “Aren’t they different?”

Yes, stylistically but the essence of their craft are the same. Clever word play crafted songs with diverse processing on mainstream topics. In simpler terms, they make you feel good while having the mind thing about what they said during the actual song.

That level of authenticity you can’t make up and Tomi Thomas possesses it in spades. Now, how will the cards stack up with his rise to stardom? Well the good news is that “Again” proceeds an upcoming project release from Tomi which he’s taking day by day.

Now what will he do with his kings ransom he’ll get from his current rise?
Photo credit: TSE, Thompson S. Ekong.

One thing about him, he’s begin humble about his current success and want’s to help his home country of Nigeria out. Thomas wants to show the full beauty of it, not the negative perception of total poverty some media outlets portray.

“My home country is one of a kind! Yes, we have our flaws but all places do! Our imperfections are perfections and we wear our pride effortlessly. With names like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa, Etc…. I want to help showcase our talents.

Tomi Thomas on love for Nigeria.

Personally, I want him to collaborate with another favorite of mine in Rema but that’s a story for another day (LOL). To summarize my thoughts on Tomi and our one on one talk; perceptive, hard working, modest, and genuine. He’s really a one of a kind artist who you can’t pen into a certain genre.

Yes, the root of his music is afrobeat but you hear the pop influence from groups such as Coldplay and Maroon 5. Also, some good Neo-Soul flare with flashes of Maxwell and Sade. Add touches of clever wordplay such as Jay-Z & Kendrick and you got Tomi.

Be on the look for him, he’s really something special, period.

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