Timothy Ng Drops “Walk In The Booth” Freestyle

Timothy Ng is a producer that is from Las Vegas. After spending time in NYC, the multifaceted producer shares his debut single “Walk In The Booth” freestyle. The record was written, produced, and engineered by the artist himself. As his first release, Timothy continues to lay the groundwork for a phenomenal 2021. From designing garments to producing, he simply is the “renaissance man” in the art spectrum. At a young age, Timothy has always been ingenious. Although he can do it all, producing is what makes him distinctive. While the artist Timothy chooses to play to their usual strengths of funneling the sounds of the day through their own lens, it’s Timothy Ng‘s production that truly shines.

Speaking on the song, Timothy shared, “The beat was so minimal and simple. This song draws inspiration from an unreleased Gunna and Lil Uzi Vert song, .223. It heavily inspired this instrumental with the spaced-out drums and minimal melody, giving the lyricist the ability to flow.”

He added, “Walk in the Booth Freestyle kinda showed off the duality between the producer and the lyricist. In my opinion, his beats clatter, twist, and turn thanks to the simple drums and abundant 808s. The melodies leave enough space for the lyricist’s flex-filled lyrics”.

Check out Timothy Ng on social media and his new single below!

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