Timothy Bloom Makes Music For The Times With “Unforgettable” Video

He just scored the upcoming film, Dear Frank, starring Brian J. White, Columbus Short, and Claudia Jordan. While he’s on tour promoting his new single “Unforgettable”, he’s simultaneously finishing his upcoming LP, In Full Bloom. “The only thing that truly matters is we were sent here for a purpose,” Timothy Bloom said. “And my purpose is to do music.” Society tends to collectively refer to artists as flighty, scatter-brained wastrels. The weight and conviction of his words reveal a lot about who Bloom is as a person.

The alternative-soul singer wrote and produced “Unforgettable” to remind us all to stop and smell the flowers. “[It] was inspired by me never wanting to let go of the beauty that is around all us…Basking in the presence of life and immortality”, he shared.

Timothy’s background and ancestry inspired The Dove Shore directed music video for the song. “My parents are from Mississippi, so I wanted to take the time and honor them. The feeling was surreal, every moment had this massive energy, as if they were still there. From the plantations to the city halls, where they would be hung”, he revealed.

He’s a two-time GRAMMY Award-winning producer and songwriter and his peers cherish his remarkable talent. His collaborative work ranges from Ne-Yo to Smokey Robinson and his artistic touch brings each project to new creative heights.

“I can’t just ‘write a song’ anymore,” Bloom confided. “It has to come from a true source.” As a pastor’s kid who ripened his musical skill playing piano in church, Bloom’s reverence for music is spiritual in its ability to speak to a listener’s soul. “My music has been a source of healing, of therapy,” he said. “My demons, my struggles, these generational curses we harbor — they took a lot of spiritual healing, personal healing.”

In Full Bloom explores the twists and turns of that healing process. The lyrics confront grimy American realities of a “post-racial” society. Consequently, Bloom encourages us to celebrate personal acceptance. He tells the story of his personal journey on heavy subjects with symphonic swells and burning guitars. You can’t miss the substantial influence by Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan.

Nina Simone said it best,” Bloom added. “She said, ‘You’ve got to create for the times.’ There’s a lot going on in our world but we’re not creating for the times, you know. Everybody wants to party and just drag on. They’re drunk, they’re drugged up, they’re slapping on booties. They’re not creating magic that is, in a sense, going to make the world a better place.”

Watch the Timothy Bloom video for “Unforgettable” below and look out for In Full Bloom in early 2020!

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