Timmy Takeova Is Taking Over 2023 With Trendy Tracks

Bronx-bred Timmy Takeova returns with a brand new banger, “Drugs & Money“! In fact, “Drugs & Money” serves as his second drop of the year, following up “Celebrity” from January. Unlike many musicians today, Timmy is determined to not be limited to a single sound or genre. Instead opting for flexibility and a desire for ever-evolving improvement in each single he creates. This genre-bending artist arrives with another good example with the unveiling of “Drugs & Money”.

Since the tender age of nine, Timmy has been devoted to his musical activities and began pursuing his passion. He initially became acquainted with the art form when accompanying his father, also an artist. In doing so, he would tag along to recording studios, where he was inspired to write and record his own records. As a child, he was inspired by his father, a former underground rapper, as well as performers like as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Nas. His musical style is diverse, drawing on drill vibes, loud music, and lyrical music. His 2020 song “My Bop” has over 20,000 Spotify streams. In just one month, Timmy’s latest song “Celebrity” earned over 75,000 views on YouTube and counting. This early introduction sparked a decade of hard work and dedication that has now established Timmy as one of emerging York City’s most promising trailblazing talents.

For now, get familiar with the emerging emcee here at KAZI Magazine! Also, be sure to add his latest offerings to your preferred DSP! Lastly, let us know your thoughts!

  • Hey Timmy! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine. How’s 2023 been treating you so far?

My pleasure, thanks for having me! So far, 2023 has been amazing! Easily my most successful year I’ve had musically and really just scratching off my bucket list in terms of accomplishments. I used to dream about what I’m doing now!

  • Let’s jump right in to all things Timmy Takeova! From the music, artistry, breaking onto the scene and more. For newcomers getting familiar with you, can you tell them who Timmy Takeova is and where it all began?

Well I’m 20 years old so it all started on May 2nd, 2022. I was born and raised in New York, specifically the James Monroe Houses in the Bronx. At 9 years old I started going to the studio with my father, who is a musician himself. I would freestyle and experiment with music. It wasn’t until about 14 years old when I would start to take music more serious.

I also grew up in a rough neighborhood dealing with unfortunate circumstances which motivated me more to make something out of myself musically & assisted me in perfecting my craft to the fullest. My surroundings gave me multiple perspectives on real life situations to share to the world in my music.. developing me into the Timmy Takeova you know today.

  • With such an intriguing and marketable stage name, what was the inspiration?

Timmy is a childhood name basically everyone called me. I got it from where I grew up and it just stuck. As for “Takeova,” it’s really more so from how I carry myself. I have the ability to walk into any setting and “takeova” the room and everyone’s attention. And most times, without saying a word. Just my persona and aura. It also ties into my music. My versatility .. and again, my ability to “takeova” any genre of music, flawlessly. I am TAKEOVA.

  • What’s your creative process like? Do you punch in and out or pen/note your music?

Well I like to write most of my music beforehand then I’ll go to the studio, record it, then [of course] get it mixed and mastered. However, sometimes I like to hear a beat in the studio for the first time then get in the booth & punch in & out because you never know what you can come up with in that moment. So it all depends on my vibe.

  • Given a substantial impact since stepping into the spotlight, what would you say was your superpower into striving for success?

I’d say my delivery. My versatility. And my consistency. They each played an important role in my journey of striving for success. Definitely my top 3 superpowers!

  • With a versatile flow drawing from Drill elements emerged with rowdy rhymes and lyrical prowess, who would you credit your music style and sound to and why?

I credit my music style and sound to the Wu Tang Clan because they inspired me to project who I am and my personality onto any beat in a way that will keep my listeners interested and intrigued. I give them this sort of vision of what they’re hearing to better get an understanding. Especially if there is no visual to the song.

  • Now, let’s get into the music. Your 2020 banger “My Bop” took you to new heights. You then followed up with fan favorite 2023 “Celebrity” accompanying the audio with a visual. How would you say these two records differ from the start of your career to now?

I would say those track’s differ from the start of my career because in the beginning.. I wasn’t really doing drill music as much. I was more into a melodic sound and other genres So I would say those 2 tracks definitely gave fans something new and different to hear from me and gravitate towards.

  • Most recently, you released “Drugs and Money” as well, can you tell us more about its inspiration? Also, could we expect a visual to follow in the near future?

The goal behind that record was to explain in my point of view all the different things people would do with/for drugs and/or money including some things in my past. Showing listeners that both have a heavy impact on where I come from. I recently dropped a visual to the single on YouTube as well.

  • Furthermore, what do you want people to feel and take away from your music?

I want my listeners to feel like they can rely on my music for anything. No matter what type of day they’re having… or mood .. or  vibe. I just want them to play Timmy Takeova whenever they need to.

  • As we are finally unfolding out of the pandemic, how would you say it affected your craft and/or journey?

I feel like the pandemic definitely gave me a lot of time to sit in the house and rethink my career. I had more time to get [more] creative and more time to rack up new material. I do feel like it took a lot of time away from me connecting with my listeners though because I wasn’t really dropping any music during the pandemic.

  • For new listeners wanting to get the best idea of who Timmy Takeova is, which release record should they press play on to have the best idea of who you are as an artist and your artistry?

“Differently” for sure! That record [definitely] gives listeners a feel of who I am and my personality.

  • Excited to hear more of what’s to come, what’s next for Timmy Takeova throughout 2023?

I have a ton of new singles dropping all year round.. along with visuals. It’s going to be an action packed year from us man.. definitely stay tuned .. we coming strong!

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans?

Yes I want them to know, whatever you’re passionate about don’t ever give up on it! Always keep going until you succeed and even after you succeed.. stay hungry! You never know your day of glory might’ve been the day after you gave up. So I encourage all my fans to keep going and never be embarrassed of your current circumstances. Your journey is a beautiful thing, both the good and bad!



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