“Time to get excited about music again ! With new artist Young Hippie”

Growing up having a diverse rockstar influence acts like the “ All American Rejects “ for him in the American Pop Punk industry. Young Hippie is also known for creating and exploring new genres with no limitations, and his modish fashion sense also helps in making him create his unique standing in the industry, earning a massive number of followers and fans. When speaking with him he kept expressing to us how important it is to love the art you create. His unique sound and the kind of vibe he creates has turned heads in the industry and grabbed the attention of music lovers and listeners all around the world. The proof is his recent song “Snow Fall”, which has a loud in the face rager, burn down the house, appeal. His songs and his prowess as a Alternative Rock/ Pop Punk artist are not just enjoyed by the American audiences but also give a great experience to audiences overseas. Young Hippie was recently relocated to Los Angeles and now is working with well-known artists and A&R’s. This year is definitely going to be a promising one for the young artist. Young Hippie’s genre-bending sound mixed with his rockstar attitude have been changing the game of hip hop music in the US, and we can’t wait for his upcoming projects and visuals already and if you love articles then you know we always have the hot tea first.

You can contact Young Hippie at these available outlets 

Instagram: @_younghippie

Twitter: @_younghippie
YouTube: https://youtu.be/AEzlC-mKztY

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