Tidal x CRWN: A Conversation with DJ Khaled

On Tuesday, May 22, 2019, I had the pleasure of attending the TIDAL X CRWN event hosted by American journalist Elliott Wilson at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. The night was filled with great conversation & “cloth talk” by the man himself, DJ Khaled. The two talked about his 12th studio album Father Of Asahd that just dropped on May 17, 2019.

Photo Credit: Setor Tsikudo (@tsikudo)

Once the night got started Khaled dropped in & premiered for the very first time his documentary, Father Of Asahd: The DJ Khaled Experience. During the 75 minute video, we got to watch as Khaled went day in & day out to put together his album. We got to see as mogul brought together every single feature from R&B singer SZA, to reggae singer Buju Banton, the king and queen of music The Carters, & the late Nipsey Hussle.

After the premiere of Father Of Asahd: The DJ Khaled Experience, Khaled graced the stage with Elliot Wilson for an hour-long Q&A. Wilson was able to get Khaled to go in depth regarding his process with the artists, and many gems were dropped overall.

Photo Cred: Randy B (@Techandmusicfan)

One of the biggest moments of the night was when Khaled got up out his seat, looked at the crowd and yelled, “I worked with Beyonce, I don’t have to work with anybody else in my life ever again.” Khaled taught us a very valuable lesson while he was explaining his experience with the Carters – “Get what you want & don’t let nobody stop the vision”.

“I worked with Beyonce, I don’t have to work with anybody else in my life ever again.”

DJ Khaled (@DjKhaled) 5/21/2019 CRWN X TIDAL FT Elliot Wilson & DJ Khaled

As Khaled continued to reflect on the collaborations of his album, Elliott Wilson started to go into a conversation about the late and great Nipsey Hussle. Elliot right off the bat went into the most-asked question since the release of the single “Higher” ft Nipsey & John Legend. What did Hussle mean when he said, “Tell Khaled bounce the 4 ’til the bar break?” Khaled started off the answer by saying “First off long live Nipsey Hussle, the marathon continues. God blessed me to work with a king”.

Nipsey x Khaled

Before going deeper into working with Nipsey, Khaled talked about a memory he shared with the late rapper when sitting down by the pool waiting for lunch. They began talking about family, entrepreneurship & the meaning behind their names. The conversation then led into the creation of their single “Higher.”

Nipsey Hussle x DJ Khaled x John Legend on the set of the video”Higher”.

Khaled told Elliott that when working with Nipsey he saw the greatness in the California rapper based off of his work ethic with the track. Nipsey applied things they discussed in that lunch conversation to his first verse. Khaled finished off the conversation about Nipsey by telling Elliott, the meaning behind the lyrics, being “don’t stop.”

If you didn’t learn anything else from this event, here are some key takeaway courtesy of the great DJ Khaled.

  • “Nothing Is Impossible”
  • “The Music We Make Is Real Life”
  • “Get What You Want, Don’t Let Nobody Stop Your Vision”
  • “Invest Money In Things You Can Enjoy”
  • “Purest Love Pures Energy, With A Vibe”
  • “I worked with Beyonce, I don’t have to work with anybody else in my life ever again.”
  • ” I’m One Of The Greatest To Ever Do It”

To Stream The Whole Interview With Elliott Wilson & DJ Khaled: Click Here

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