Tianis Rose Tells Her Love Story On, I AM LOVE

Representing Charlotte, NC, Tianis Rose continues to create her own lane on her debut EP, I AM LOVE. Consisting of four tracks, I AM LOVE addresses the joys and pains that come with being in a relationship.

Throughout I AM LOVE, Rose showcases the fundamentals of love with honest intentions to the idiosyncratic actions that love can cause. The genuine and unadulterated emotion displayed on I AM LOVE stems from Rose’s personal experiences of not only heartbreak but the pain of losing yourself in a relationship and finding the strength to pick yourself back up.

To further go into detail about the meaning of her EP, Tianis states:

“When people would ask me what my name, ‘Tianis’, means, I would always say it means “love”. I never found the meaning to my name, so I had to create my own. For anyone who knows me, they could attest that I really am LOVE. Love is war. Love is peace. Love is beautiful. Love is Ugly. Love is weak. Love is strength. I Am Love!”

Overall, I AM LOVE blends the beauty and the pain of love perfectly that even those who have yet to experience the topics Rose speaks on can understand the feeling. Rose empowers those in romantic or platonic relationships to understand the strength in leaving a situation that no longer serves a greater purpose. Each record is sure to inspire the masses and showcase the talent of, Tianis Rose.

Be sure to stream I AM LOVE on all streaming platforms, and for more news, content, and upcoming releases from Tianis Rose, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @tacobae

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