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Tianis Rose is as versatile as they come. Combining her Dominican and Puerto Rican roots with a down-south swag, she creates to her heart’s content. Of course, her heart offers a wonderful energy to her listeners. Her Spanish fluency preceded her learning of English in preschool, so it naturally permeates her music. Sonically, she ranges from full-on Spanish songs to New York boom bap. After signing to King Carter’s Social Currency Enterprises, we can only expect Tianis to expand her repertoire. Our conversation continues below.

Zac: Who is Tianis Rose?

Tianis: I am Tianis! I’m very soulful. I sprinkles roses around the world. That’s what I do.

Do people mispronounce Tianis (Tee-ah-neese) frequently?

That’s how my nickname “Taco” came about. I’m originally from Brooklyn, but moved to Charlotte, NC. On my first day of school people couldn’t pronounce my name. There wasn’t a variety of cultures in the [Charlotte] hispanic area yet so people just assumed I was Mexican and they started calling me “the new girl Taco”. I always tell people if you’re not saying [Tianis] with a smile then you’re not saying it right. You literally cannot say it without smiling!

Where do you find inspiration outside of your Latin roots?

Everything in life is an adventure with a lesson. You can learn anything from anybody. The world is so big but a lot of people don’t travel, which limits their minds. I try to expand poeple’s minds and take them to these places. I want people to feel like they’re visiting the world when they listen to my music.

Tianis Rose “I AM LOVE” EP – The Hype Magazine

Let’s dive into the cover art for your latest EP I Am Love.

Stories make up my music, so I wanted the cover to represent a story. On the first slide, I give a rose to someone when his heart is broken. In the second, his heart is full because I taught him how to love. He’s giving a rose to somebody else, paying it forward. The third slide they’re all giving love to other people.

That’s what the world needs right now. When people are cold hearted because they’ve been through something, they start guarding their heart to the point they can’t open it up and love anymore.

Do you consistently use a rose as a symbol for love?

Love is beautiful just like a rose. If you go to pick a rose the wrong way you get hurt. I see people as roses. We have layers. People are scared of change.

Do you prefer to put out projects to singles?

I’m about to start dropping some singles. Definitely, I do like putting projects together because I’m a storyteller. I don’t want to just give you one chapter out of the book. I’ll give you the story in the order that I was going through it. I want my fans to feel like they’re going through my journey with me. We all go through the same thing, just in different ways.

What was it like putting “Too Special” together with Quantrelle?

I was with producers Jerm and Steez live on instagram, and I had already recorded my verse and hook. Steez was telling Quantrelle on live to pull up. We didn’t think he was actually gonna show. I kid you not, he was knocking on the door 10 minutes later.

Are there any artists you’d love to collaborate with?

My idol Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Stephen Marley, a lot of artists. I love a lot of different types of music.

Should we expect more music about love next, or a different route?

Expect the unexpected. You just don’t know what you’re gonna get. Life is like a box of chocolates. You can’t get a rose without the chocolates.

Follow Tianis Rose on Instagram @tacobae and check out “I Am Love” before you hear about her somewhere else.

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