This New Artist Is Taking Over 2023 & There Is No Stopping Him, Check Out DITR

I started djaying at 10 years old. I was fortunate to have a father that gifted me my first pair of belt drive turntables, mixer, coffin and booth! Along with 15” mains and a 500w amp. My dad was a dj in his youth. I was a fortunate kid most might say yet grateful. After learning to mix and scratch on my own I eventually bridged some CD players to the turntables, so I had the best of both worlds back then! (Ahead of the times for sure) From that era on I eventually started drumming at about 13 yrs young and grew a passion for hardcore/metal music. I taught myself how to play and took a few lessons. As I developed and progressed as a drummer I eventually went on to become the drummer for the 4 man group DD LUXZ (look us up) with my cousin Brian Aleman. We dived right into the local scene in Miami playing local shows, we wrote a full fledged album, & gained thousands of fans. However the band eventually split up (2014) but from that time forward my love for producing music continued by the day and I started experimenting over the years with different aliases within electronic music. I eventually formed DITR  and haven’t stopped since! Now I’m currently signed to noface records and I have new music dropping on the label not to mention numerous big collaborations in the works. 2023 is looking sharp. I’m ready. “I DONT EVER PLAN ON STOPPING” music will always be one of the biggest aspects of my life.

Originally a Miami/ South Florida Native but I currently reside in Ft. lauderdale where I live with my wife, son and two frenchies and we have another on the way 😎 With no signs of slowing down this south Florida native continues to prove himself nothing short of the top players in the music game. Meet Joe Nodal aka demonsintheroom. At 31 years old he is currently signed to noface records and has numerous big collaborations in the works. His debut single will finally be releasing next month on the label. My new single “Just wanna love you” drops next month on noface records.

demonsintheroom Electronic | House | Pop | Deep

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