This “My Story:” Get To Know Mike Dimes

Mike Dimes has all the charisma and increasing buzz to position himself as raps next trending star. After the recent viral success of his song “My Story” it’s evident that he does not intend on being a one hit wonder. With his growing popularity, Dimes comes across as private person social media, but he assures that his personality is just as big as his chart-climbing hit.

“I got a huge ego. Everything about me is very cocky outgoing and shit but it’s just my first type of language is verbal, making music.”

-Mike Dimes

The rapper currently resides in San Antonio, Texas but grew up as a military child and moved often. During childhood, he was bought up listening to A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Jill Scott and Andre 3000 through his parents. When he was in the sixth grade, Dimes discovered Tupac and took an interest in poetry. During his teens, he continued to create poems inspired by the flows of artists like A$AP Rocky. Shortly after, the influences of rapper Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era collective were what led him to pursuing rap full-time.

In 2021, his various influences shine through on his latest EP, “Dlog.” I got the opportunity to know more about Mike Dimes and how his viral hit “My Story” came to be and the intentions behind his latest project.

Check out our conversation below!

You’ve been seeing growing success with, your song, “My Story,” going viral on Tik-Tok. Was the plan to always get it trending on the app?

Whenever I recorded the song, I was showing all my homies and I was like, this is going to be the song that blows up. I got homies that live in Florida and my homie Zo, I sent it to him. He don’t have a job because he young, so he said I want to help out some way. He sent it to Occupied Living, the dude that first got it popping on Tik-Tok. Then from there, like overnight, it just hit a million on Tik-Tok.

People may think you’re an overnight success, but in “My Story,” you mentioned that you’ve been in the game for three years. How would you describe your journey up until now?

I just was making songs seeing what was going to hit. Other than making music, I was trying to find which sound I wanted to be in. Every time I found a sound, I found another sound. I was like let me just go ahead just put them all together and then whenever I drop, I’d dropped the whole tape so I can show the versatility of all my sounds in one.

You just released your latest EP, “DLOG.” What was the idea behind the name?

Dlog is like Double Lamb OG it’s just a side name I got for myself, like my alternate name. I really don’t know how I came up with that name, but it sounded cold so I was like, yeah, that’s me. I just been running with it. After a year of time of me just going by double Lamb OG. I was like, I want to call the tape Dlog and that’s what it went to.

So you have an alter ego, for when you rap?

I’m not really into astrology, but I’m a Gemini, so one day I’ll be happy then be like fuck everybody. I don’t care about nobody it’s just me. On “My Story,” I said, “this Dlog no man above me.” It’s like the cocky side of it. The lyrical side is more of just Mike Dimes. The cocky side when I talk about getting money, clothes, jewelry, and fucking hoes, that’s more Dlog.

Mike Dimes

A theme present throughout the EP was you talking about dealing with people not being who they say they are. Was this project like a middle finger to those moments where people were counting you out?

I understand somewhat why they discredited me. Everybody and they mama wants to rap now. I always had the vision in myself of being where I’m at, but nobody else even gave me the chance of day to show my art. Now since everybody messing with it, my music sound better because everybody else likes it now apparently.

With outside slowly opening back up, could we expect to see Mike Dimes in a city near you anytime soon?

Everything’s going to go times 10. I’m gonna start posting more, I’m not more of a social cat. I’ma be going out more, being more involved with like performing and all that. It’s gonna be everything times a hundred.

Stream Mike Dimes latest EP, Dlog below!

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